Saturday, August 28, 2010


Well, maybe blue green, after all the world isn`t just black and white. To be truthful, when I watched Ethel Waters singing Am I Blue in a clip from the 1929 motion picture "On With The Show," the hints I got from the film didn`t reveal whether Miz Waters was blue or not. This film was the first sound movie filmed in color-unfortunately, only black and white copies survive.

After watching the clip from "On With the Show" for the third or forth time I couldn`t help but wonder how she would look blue. Blue huh, but then who is more blue than Papa Smurf? I wondered, "How would he treat this song?" After watching the interview below it was obvious the Cat-men knew how Papa Smurf would render this classic.

Hey you almost had to feel sorry for the poor Cat-men. They tried and tried, but no! After a while instead of becoming a threatening wave looming up, suddenly they seemed to be everywhere we looked, as numerous and about threatening as the blades of grass. Tugging wearily at the skirt of the world, Mom Mom Mom Mom, Mommy's on the phone Honey.

Hey scary stuff, but what tha heck, "If you`re gonna sell, you`ve gotta make the calls." I think I can guess what Ethel Waters would`ve said.

I believe Roberto Benigni totally got it right, "I am having many love for blue man."


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yes, I have spun off again, like the Moon King`s head. Don`t look so surprised. It was due. My explorations of the obscure films from the Netflix collection (mostly watch any time) had become an obsesion hard to contain, and impossible to hide.

The gushy send-ups I started cranking out were skewing the tone of Aquavelveta, and by the way were crowding out the overflow from The Flatware County Gazette it was suppose to be accommodating. Well now there`s Obtuse Cinema, and my new "Weeks Best Flix Picks" column will link direct to the articles, clips, and pics, that there instrument wasa made fur. For the clip, my thanks to Baron M√ľnchhausen, a gentleman famous for telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, uh-hem. Oh dear, I fear the drink has turned her head. Well, as The King Of The Moon said in one of his more buoyant moods, "Is there a doctor in the fish?"