Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It was no surprise Chatty went home early on Friday to start a long weekend. So no one was curious Monday when he didn`t show up. When quitting time came Tuesday without any sign of his return, it still didn`t raise a ripple. Wednesday morning`s first coffee was starting to get burnt about the time we got the first reports about a hairy naked geek standing in the middle of a sheep herd babbling about giant crickets.

He looked a lot like Chatty Silvers, maybe his father, possibly his grand or even great grand father. Naked, very hairy, and standing with a lot-o sheep, he claimed to be dancing with the creator at the center of the universe. We couldn`t dispute this, and the sheep did seem to like him. However frail, wobbly, and foul as he was, we still needed to wash his feet before we got him in the car. He turned out to be quite ticklish.

We took him to Chatty`s house and ran him a bath. While he soaked we clipped his knee length beard and tangled white hair. He really did look like an antique Chatty. Subdued at first and a bit hoarse, his eyes brightened as he began to recount the tale of his long weekend.

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